SBR 2008

SBR = Singapore Bay Run (formerly known as Sheares Bridge Run)

The biggest run in Singapore in terms of number of participants. In fact, I found it took too more participants than it can handle… The result, if you didn’t join the start fast enough, you will find a huge difference between your gun time and net time….

My race day experience started with mystery. My runner friends and I queued for toilets 30mins before the run. When there’s four people ahead of us, the queue stopped. Both toilets (a queue for two toilets, and there were more than 20 mobile toilets.) side by side were locked. The mystery thing is no one since then came out of the two toilets. The guy in front of us knocked both doors and shoot. No one answered. We quit the queue and queued for another one. I called up two army staffs to check the two toilets. Didn’t know what happen thereafter.By the time I reached the starting ppl, it’s 2 mins before the start.My race starded with a huge crowd…For the first 10KM, was impossible to enjoy my own pace. My first 21KM ended with a poor timing. But luckily still not too late to catch the 6km fun run. The next 6KM was very enjoyable, and memorable, with my dear running beside me.
My SBR2008 ended with us holding hands together running through the finishing line: )


4 thoughts on “SBR 2008

  1. 这个八卦我大概在一年多前就有所耳闻啦! 哈哈!
    老乡啊! 哎! 我也觉得回国以后我的生活圈就变小了!
    有些无奈吧! 国内太现实了!而我们不得不面对现实!

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