Sports 动

I’m a long distance runner, used to play football, basketball and table tennis.


Completed 7 full marathons, a few half marathons and 10Km races. Also help training friends in long distance running.


I played football (soccer) right back for a short while before a serious ankle injury blown..

I’m a supporter of F.C. Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan) since late 1990s.

Restarted cycling in 2014 as my preparation to be an Olympic Ironman in Triathlon Singapore 2016


Full Marathons 42.195 Km
2006 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

2007 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon  4hr 04min 26sec Personal Best
2008 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
2008 Adidas Sundown Marathon
2009 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
2010 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
2011 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

2012 My daughter was born and no more full marathon training time..

Half Marathons 21Km
2005 Xi’an Citywall Marathon 1hr45min Personal Best  西安城墙国际马拉松 男子组第十五
2012 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
2013 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore
2014 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

10 Km
2005 Singapore Malaysia 2nd Link Run  41mins Personal Best


8   Mar   2015             NTU Bike Rally  88 Km

Upcoming Events

29 -30 Aug 2015        OCBC Cycle 2015  42 Km
6 Dec 2015                Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015   21 Km

My Bikes

Hybrid foldable bike
2015 JAVA FIT 16 speed Limited Edition with 451 wheels

Trail, grocery shopping bike
Aleoca Esecuzion 6 speed

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