Classical recording shopping in Singapore

With the closing down of HMV@313 Someset, I no longer visit any local store for classical music recordings. Instead I now fully rely on online store for physical release, spotify for streaming and of course live concerts for the real thing. I’m not a fan for download.

Just to share my experience on shopping/collecting classical music. I purchase most of my recordings from following sites:

The above three sites have the best shipping rate to Singapore.

Occasionally I would also buy from

For physical stores, you can also try shops in Adelphi, there are a few that carry oops release at reasonable price. These shops are serving towards the “audiophile” crowd. I seldom visit for classical new release.

Besides HMV@Marina Square (Update 2015, closed). The other surviving chain store is That CD shop.

In fact it was transformed to focus on cafe more than on CD. I haven’t tried their food. Maybe next time, as I guess their cafes have a much higher chance surviving than the CD outlets.

Physical recordings have become collection item rather than the main stream music carrier. Nothing wrong with it. You just need to know the trade off.

Update: That CD shop in Raffles City closed. Check their facebook for the latest branch info.