The Good, the Bad, the Touching

Can you imagine i attended a concert featuring both Mozart’s concerto No.7 for three pianos and Gangnam style! ?
To be frank, i’m not a big fan of Mozart’s music. But Gangnam Style is simply a torture to my eyes and ears (the Korean high schools performers were not bad though, who did some other nice songs as well ). The later is a classic example of rubish played millions of times and becomes popular rubish. While the Mozart’s piece is not a popular one from the composer. i’m sure you will still hear it playing in the next century! i bless us all good health:)

Both works were part of the ChildAid 2012 concert held in Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater.
A concert for a good cause. i hope to hear it next year again! Here i’ll only give my two cents on the concert itself.

What i like
The programe is creative. You don’t get to hear Mothership and Mozart’s concerto for three pianos, let alone in one single concert in Singapore. I really appreciate it. There are a few original music with quite high quality. The inclusion of songs from Queen to pop/rock 201X are well blended as well. In fact, i’m happily surprised that i actually can recognize all the pop/rock from 201X including “Rolling in the deep”.
The vocalists were all picked from various school in Singapore. They did sing very well.

What i don’t like
The Grand theater of Marina Sands is just sub bar compared to casino downstairs. Acoustic design is no where near Esplanade. The PA system was on for the whole concert, even for the full orchestra works. This is really the last you want for classical music. Sounds stage was completely destroyed. Balance problem made the strings masked for a few sections.
Orchestra of the Music Makers does not sound as good as their own concerts. I guess all the adult players were missing.
The lighting was dazzling, sometimes annoying with lights projecting direct to your eyes. Just imagined beam lights while driving on a dark highway.
One of the pianists in the Mozart’s looked as if she was dragged in this concert for wrong reason.
The programme booklet is oversized with poor design. The photo inside is just as bad as the Grand theater setting that night.

The Touching
I gave my standing ovation to the young autistic pianist playing a touching song written by his mother and sung by his relative. Check the video here
I didn’t see a single word in published concert reviews on this. Are they all stone hearted or stone ear?

Anyway, I look forward to the Childaid 2013 concert!