Share your experience in IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine!

When I first started research as a postgrad student in 2004, my research publication debut came a year later, 2005 June in International Symposium on Consumer Electronics. I was lucky to be awarded a student travel grant from Philips Electronics.
Fast forward to exact ten years later, 2015 June, I was honored to be elected as an associate editor of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, covering audio related research topics.
Consumer Electronics (CE) has a very broad scope as well as a lot of challenges. It inherited the challenges from both academic and industrial sides. I eagerly  invite researchers from both sides of the CE to share their experience or ideas with the community.
We recently have the publication webpage updated. Visit our Call for Paper section. Like many IEEE periodicals, to submit a regular article to IEEE CE Magazine, please visit the ScholarOne CE magazine page at
If you are an expert in the audio research field and love to share your experience in the IEEE CE Magazine, please feel free to drop me an email : Dr.L.Wang {a t}

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