DTS is hiring

My company, DTS is hiring following position. Please drop me an email with your resume if interested.

My contact info is on this page


Job Description

Software Engineer – Android

Job Responsibilities
DTS is looking for a talented and experienced application, mobile, tablet, and desktop developer to assist us in making DTS stand out in the Android and iOS markets. You will be joining a team of software engineers who are creating the next generation of audio applications on Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms.

Join a group of software enthusiasts who develop innovative applications that integrate the latest DTS audio processing technology. As a member of the team, you will architect and develop applications to enhance the experience of DTS audio technologies on mobile and desktop devices. Excellent programming and communication skills with experience working in a fast paced development environment are required, as you will be collaborating closely with remote team members.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities
•Develop mobile, tablet, and desktop applications, documenting software
•Work closely with business partners, product management and design team to conceptualize new ideas and converting them into technical requirements and working closely with your peers to build a killer Android app
•Ability to understand and debug large and complex code bases
•Experience designing clean and maintainable APIs, multithreading programming and writing unit tests and testable code

Required Education and Experience
•Master’s degree in computer science or engineering with 3 years of industry experience or Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of industry experience
•At least 3 years of proven experience in a team/group environment with mobile, tablet, and desktop application development
•Mobile and tablet application development experience
•Proven ability to ship apps from start to finish

Other Skills & Abilities
•Has an understanding of multimedia frameworks and the ability to integrate them
•Experience with integrating audio SDKs into lower level APIs on Android, iOS and Windows 8, as well as knowledge of common audio API’s, and digital audio signal processing is ideal


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