A disk read error occurred

My five and half years quad core desktop started giving me a lot of disk errors in the last year.

It was like once a month in the beginning till unbearable once a week.

Some times the harddisk just disappear from the system.

I got A disk read error occurred error when I restarted it. Harddisk SMART Status may show  BAD.

I changed the SATA cable. Didn’t help. Suspect it was my harddisk.

Took the oppotunity to upgrade to a new SSD. Didn’t help either.

Did almost all solutions mentioned in this post, no success.


Until recently I realize it might be the SATA socket on the motherboard.

After a few swaps, I found two SATA sockets on my motherboard had gone bad.

Currently my SSD stays stable on SATA 3 on the board for more than a month. Hope it can keep strong until Intel produce something worth upgrading.


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