Canon’s interesting answer to mirrorless

Canon has just introduced two more DSLRs into the line-up, 700D and 100D.

The 700D is a typical “every year must update” model. While the 100D is a slight more interesting one. I feel 100D is Canon’s compromised solution to buy some time for developing the 2nd generation EOS-M. Let’s see how it works out in the market.

Too bad, both the 700D and 100D would most likely carry the vintage 18mp CMOS sensor debuted years ago.

70D is still missing, I’m crossing my finger it would come out with a better CMOS and improved AF system. Yes, Nikon D7100 is really what I want for a DSLR. But I’m OK with my Canon 40D. And since in the future I’d like to have a mirrorless backup that can take my current EOS lenses. Jump ship to Nikon is not a option, if the EOS-M from Canon is not a satisfying performer, the V1 J1 mirrorless from Nikon are both real jokes.

If you don’t need certain DSLR feature/performance, and don’t already own some DSLR lense, Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a great mirrorless, just grab this with the 12-50. Sony NEX series can be another option as well.


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