“Run Your Own Race”

I’ve been running the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) for three years. Each time running SCSM, I understand this slogan more.

Due to this year work/study/travel, my training for this year SCSM was barely enough. Starting only 8 weeks before the race, on average 20KM/week, peaked 45KM/week. As a result, my strategy was to run at 4:00 pace until 25KM and decide to maintain the pace or slow down for a safer speed. I was also monitoring my heart rate from the start. By the time I reached 25KM, I was still running @ 11Km/h. But my heart rate monitor reading showed that my heart rate over 90% of the max. If continued running at this speed, there is a risk I may cramp or exhaust before reaching the ending point. However tempted by sub 4 result, I tried to maintain the speed till around 28KM and decided to let it be and enjoy my race.

For the rest distance, I used it as an examining of my hydration/dehydration process. At 35KM point, I stopped by the road to help stretch runner who had cramp. Accelerated again at 40 KM, I finally reached the end point as fast/slow as my maiden marathon in 2006 and much slower than last year. This was also my first full marathon without cramp.

SGAU1807[1]  SGAW0373[1] 

After the race and the massage, met with a few friends from SGrunners for group photo and joined other friends for lunch. When finally retured home and had a rest, I heard the shocking news one of my fellow runners, who runs regularly and  participated the half marathon, collapsed at 18KM and was sent to hospital by ambulance. Luckily, not too serious after receiving treatment. This is the first time such accident happens to someone close to me. Following last year’s fatal accident in SBR2007, I always tell all friends training with me to run safe and train enough before race. For people like us, who has no chance (or a chance smaller than winning a Toto) winning a top place in such running events, finishing safe is always the first priority. "Impossible is nothing" "Just do it", dun be fooled by such slogans. One thing you must keep in mind: the cost for breaking the limit might be your own life and happiness to your entire family and circle. "Run Your Own Race", there is nothing more precise than this.


TIME: 4h:25m:14s (gun) / 4h:24m:40s (net)

Result in Gender (Male) – 988th place, 9552 finishers behind. About 9% of finishers ahead


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