A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music Concerts

Have been thinking of writing a classical music beginner’s guide for a long time. It dates back to the undergraduate time, when myself was a newbie for classical music. Now I’m still one. Nonetheless, I always love to share and promote the good music.

Gradually I found it’s generally impossible to present a practical guide in a few pages. So by the time Art Jam approached me for the guide draft, I decided to do a concerts guide instead, targeting those already made their first steps into classical music. With the help from friends, the work was done pretty fast. At the same time, I was rushing another engineering research paper-_-

This guide is based on Singapore classical music concerts scene. Maybe one day I should generalize it into a gloable guide after I travelled around the world for music and marathons!


Guide1VS Guide2VS

Click on for High Resolution scans  (Copy rights reserved)


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