Return to the 42.195KM playground on Earth

This’s my second time full marathon. How time flies. I can still remember my maiden marathon like yesterday once more..

Preparing the run:
Left ankle injured when playing football Jan this year. Thereafter I didn’t take any run except Chinese new year hometown runs and Mt. Faber run. Resumed running in July. Sept, I ran the Sheares Bridge Run half marathon. From Oct, I did a few LSDs, weekly mileage from 20K to 45K. Running from 10K to half marathon is generally progressive. But from 21K to a full marathon is a big jump. One full is like running three 21K. I think I’m fool enough, so I run the full. But I’ll never recommend my friends to run a full without adequate training. Finishing a full in more than 6 hours is definitely a torture under the Sun…

One week before this race, I collected the race pack. There was again the "adidas reason to run bib". This year I was somehow out of idea what’s my reason to run. Maybe there are too many that I can’t put on such a small piece of paper. Anyway I still wrote "Good for both body and mind!" at the bottom I added "looking for 4 hr pacers".

Hours before the run:
00am Back from esplanade. Got to bed..
3 am Woke up.
3:15 Breakfast: one "powerbar", one "Timeout", half bottle of "100plus", one bottle of "Gatorade".
3:30 Jogging from home to shuttle bus point, suddenly someone called my name! I figured out it’s my collegemate Yang and his girl friend. Woh, it’s 3:40 am in the morning and walking in my reverse direction!..
3:55 Met Mr. Yeo and we boarded the bus.
4:30 Reached cityhall. I returned 5 hours after Sat’s Messiah concert in esplanade.
5:00 Deposited the baggage, applied some vaseline.
5:10 Released the "inner liquid baggage"
5:15 Walked to the starting line.
5:20 At the starting line, I squeezed to the pent just behind those elite runners. Actually I was looking for the 4 hr adidas pacers as I heard they would start just behind those elite runners. But I saw none, maybe I was too in front…
5:25 All the runners were ready for the race.In the elite runners I spotted some national runners from China. More were the African top runners.
5:30 The fun started:

0 – 21KM  Pure enjoyment
I started with a peaceful pace, searching and waiting for 4:00 adidas pacers. But I didn’t see any in the first 1K. Instead there were a few Nike sponsored pacers, but I knew none of them, so no credit on either. Around 1K, suddenly someone asked me:"Are you yakman?". I smiled back "Hi". It’s TLR (thelonelyrunner, founder of in a black sexy running tight. Suprised he still remembers my ID. I asked what’s his target timing. TLR relied 3:45. He was running fast. I think he must have finished around 3:30. So I realised I was running overpaced and decided to slow down a bit. At 13K drink point I took my first powergel with 100plus, 19K the second.
Generally, I felt very comfortable running the first 21K. All the way I gave my thumb ups for every runspirators. It didn’t take my breath at all.

21 – 27KM  Heavier and heavier
At 21K mark, I glimpsed my watch a timing of 1hr47mins. Warm up session over, the real starting point here. Whether the enjoyment would continue or torture begin shall be seen soon. My breath was still peaceful but thighs and legs heavier and heavier. 27K, I took the third powergel.

27 – 36KM  Earth and hell
Every kilometer was like three to five kilometers long in the first 21K. 3:45 pacers overtook me around 31K. Fourth powergel around 33K. The tendence of cramp showed up on my right thigh just above the knee. Sucks…I stopped for some stretch and applied some heat rub paste. My mind was on Earth while my body starting entering hell.

36 – 40KM  Heaven and hell
Finally I met 4:00 pacers David Tay at 36K, DreamRunner and DO at 37K. I managed to keep my pace with them from 37K to 38K. But my cramping legs were even heavier and out of control. I saw them disapearing in front like chariot crunching my little dream T_T. The Sun rose up and shone. Only a few kilometers to finish, I still held a little chance to complete in 4 hours. I took the last powergel 38K and kept running. My mind was close to heaven but my body was like in hell.

40- 42.195KM  The last charge
I decided to take the last charge. However it didn’t last long. Cramp was more severe. The last hope in Pandora’s box gone at 41K point. I switched to a safer pace for my "old" heart to enjoy the run and sprinted for the last 195 meters. Finished the race 9:35am, with 4 hrs 5 mins 18 secs. 703rd out of approx.12000 runners.

Running1 Finisher

Post race  Back on Earth
9:40 Collected my finisher medal and shirt. Drank two tins of 100plus, ate two bananas.
10:20 Went for massage sponsored by tiger club. Thank you so much.
11:00 Took group photo at the cenotaph with Sgrunners.
11:10 Met Mr. Yeo who just finished and his family.
11:30 Collected our bags and took some photos around.
12:00 Wash up and lunch at Suntec
13:00 Took train back home..

 SCSM 013 SCSM 008

Thank SCSM organizers and sponsors for such a world class race!
My friends from NTU, Sgrunners for your support and accompany.
Xi’an, where all these stories began.

See you next year! 五环迎奥运( 再次声明,本人不反对2008奥运,反对的是中国办奥运的方式)



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  1. 跑步的姿势好酷啊

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