Supporting the Sacred Cause

What I’m logging here happened fortnight ago. The last episode of the trilogy weekend posts as promised. Another little gem on my lace to support love around (haha, I’m really happy and feeling honored for the cause. Just can’t help being flattering).

Sep 15 Saturday, Yishun, Ghim Moh, Raffles Hotel

Woke up 5:45am in the morning, I washed and dressed up in shirt and pants. Cause it’s a big day. Big day for one of my best friends, Mr. (and Dr. to be) Joseph Tan. He was to be a married man formally after being legitimate for some time. Been friends to the couple for years, I contributed in writing, translating and refining the groom speech in Chinese. And was invited in the band of brothers (伴郎团) for the first time in my life. Meanwhile I served as the IT coordinator (cool title isn’t it?) for the wedding ceremony.

7:15am: I arrived at the groom parents’ with other brothers. Together with the groom we set out to the bride parents’. We reached there 8am. The younger generation from the bride’s family followed the tradition, opened the limosine door for the groom. We were prepared to the door of bride’s home.
At the door, as expected we were locked outside. After "bribing" the band of sisters, we were treated with some "nice" desserts. You may already know the name of it as "酸sour甜sweet苦bitter辣hot", but not the recipe for that.’s made of lichee filled with lime, bitter gourd and full of wasabi!! I tried to hold my breath when having it, however I still bursted into tears. I never cry for the bitter thing in my life. Nonetheless I wouldn’t mind to spare some for love. At least in tear drops there is sodium which is essential for nourishing life and love.
Next we were asked to dance to a music played through the ladies’ handphone ringtone. OMG, it’s better this part not recorded in the video. Without context, this part may be a demo clip of Parkinson’s disease documentry.
The next trial was the intelligent test, we were given some math problems to solve (The bride and the band of sisters are all primary school teachers). However, these stupid PhDs were just not as smart as the primary school students. It took us longer than expected time to solve the problems. But the good thing was we got a side product unexpected —— the big ice cube with key frozen inside had melted (we were supposed to warm the ice cube with our bare hands).
Finally we got the key. And the long waited moment for groom to remove the bride’s veil. With the couple, we set out for the groom parents’.

The couple performed the tea ceremony to the groom’s parents and relatives. Back to the bride’s parents, groom and bride together performed the tea ceremony again to the bride’s side. Had a lunch there, the band of brothers had the job done.

When the clock hands pointed to 130pm, I was traveling towards cityhall: 3pm appointment with friends in running lab. 5pm wedding ceremony rehearse in Raffles hotel. Desperately lack of sleep, I decided to go art cafe in esplanade library for a rest first.

5pm: Rushed from running lab to Raffles hotel, I met Joseph outside the ballroom. The rehearse was postponed due to the ballroom schedule. After resting in the hotel room for a while, we went to the ballroom around 6pm. There with the emcees and hotel staff, I reheased the IT coordinator’s job. Sounds quite simple, just play specific videos at specific times. But soon I realized the player was rather a "vintage" one, so the crucial synchronization task wasn’t really that easy. After the rehearse, I found myself all in sweat…Made a emergency call to my roomate to help me bring another shirt from my wardrobe.

7pm: In new shirt I went out the ballroom and joined friends for cocktail reception. Meanwhile, it’s also the time I should write something for my friend and contribute the hongbao. So what did I write? Hybrid in Chinese and English. "天生才子配佳人,只羡鸳鸯不羡仙. Love is what life is all about. The one thing above all. I bless for your two in love from now on and forever." Please bear with my awkward translation for the Chinese part if you can’t read it: "Natural born gentleman coupled with fair lady, envying the love birds rather than the faery."

7:30pm: The banquet was to start, we were all seated in the ballroom. The couple entered the hall after I played the first photo montage. It’s really an enjoyable and touching one. After the second photo montage, the couple entered the hall again and gave two speeches. Joseph made the Chinese speech. He done it quite well considering he seldom or never done a Chinese speech. Sharin delivered the English speech and bursted into tears with it. Lastly, we had the video highlights of the day. Luckily the Parkinson’s part wasn’t in. The champagne ceremony was fun. We came on stage to cheer for the two.
The eight courses menu was splendid. The wine too, smooth and fragrant.

11pm: Hugged with Joseph at the door, I left with other friends. Finally, I could rest my cheerful and sleepy mind, which was just touched once again by the sacred cause.


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