From Europe with Fantasy

Sep 14 Friday evening, Esplanade Concert Hall

After a three week trip, Samuel was back from Lurcerne Music Festival. We dined in marina square before the evening SSO concert. Obviously his corporeity is back in Singapore his motherland, but not his mind, which is still wandering in Europe. I told him it took me at least a few weeks to get my soul back after my first Euro trip. After sharing his 18 concerts and other experience during the trip, I guess I would be going for the festival in 5 years time. And be the only few asian face, being stared by others like monster? 

At the entrance to concert hall. I met LL and his GF, whom I helped recommend and buy tickets. I had always been promoting arts especially music among my friends. It’s a bit unlucky for their first time concert experience. The evening concert wasn’t really fine. Some nasty audience were making noises all along the concert. The ushers even had to stop them during the concert….And the first two pieces in the repertoire were a bit sleepy I would say….Luckily as usual I had a cup of coffee before the concert.
During the intermission I met another two friends, Jessie and her student. I told them I would go for their Sibelius concert in Oct.

The second half of the concert was better, the brass done a good job in a few movements.
After the concert, Samuel and I went to the old place to quench our thirst for water and talk. He passed me a pack of Swiss chocolate (sinfully smooth sweet) and a CD of LSOlive recording Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique(pal, you really knows my musical taste well) as gift. With the new gem joining my collection, I have four different versions of this work, all full of fantasy! 


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