The funniest QMD


But the facts are:

J.S.Bach: First wife died at age 36.
Mozart: Himself died age 35.
Beethoven: Troubled all through his life, never married any one though engaged once.
Tchaikovsky: His only marriage broke up in nine weeks. Thereafter or even before that he turned to homosexuality and Platonism.
Berlioz: With Symphony Fantasitique, he won his love, however only for a very short period of time.
Let’s travel through time and space line to modern China, 窦唯(Dou Wei)、张国荣(Lesile Cheung); Stretch a little bit wider to visual artists, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Ruiz Picasso….

The extraordinary and abnormal are sometime the same thing with different interpretions.
Don’t blame me, my musician friends, those guys I mentioned are far away from us. And I presented truth and facts only~_~ 


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