Reach Before the Sun Shines

I’m not a monster lurking in the dark. But I really don’t like to run in the tropical sunshine. As long as possible, I always try to finish the race before the sun starts to shine.

The past race weekend was fully packed with a versatile agenda. And this is going to be a log book writing.
Keywords: Research, reading, music, friends, shopping, run, housework, movie. death, life.

Saturday morning, was in a research meeting delivering some crap presentation for the 3rd journal. After lunch I set out to esplanade library doing some reading and music. When dinner time, I met and dined with Samuel in Food Republic Suntec. To see him off for the musical trip to Europe, I treated a simple drink for us. Samuel passed me a DVD on Lurcerne Festival as gift. It’s a little bit unexpected that I sent two of my friends to Europe in one week, one for engineering conferenece one for music festival. Hope they both enjoy their trip to Europe. Guess sooner of later I would go for a longer trip in Europe one or two years later, one or two years staying there. Only a few cases may change my mind towards that..After dinner we went back to esplanade library, exchanged ideas on music and concerts with the help of the Wireless@sg network, I really appriecated it. After saying goodbye to Sameul, I resumed reading and music. The ice cream in the Singapore Art Cafe was not bad, and the only dessert not so expensive. An enjoyful time before the library close at 9pm. Haven’t done any shopping recently, I passed by marina square, found one long targeting shirt is under half discount, and later in HMV a reference 5CD set of Vivaldi 60% off. Hesitated and got them, guess I would starve for these…
Reaching home almost midnight, took a shower and prepared stuffs for the half marathon in the morning. When I finally had myself in bed, almost 1:30am. Oh, I haven’t moved to the Euro time zone yet. My alarm draged me off bed at 3:30am. Had a few slices of cake and a cup of coffee. I dressed up my running garment and took a taxi to pick up my friend Mr.Yeo, together to the starting point.

Back to esplanade again a few hours later, we found ourselves among the runners from all over the world. There was barely enough time for us to deposit our bags and return to the start. The 5:30 flag-off set us all on the race. I managed my pace according to my chronometer. After 5KM, I’ve overtaken those slow runners in front of me. At certain moment I was surprised to find my shadow’s the only one that run beside me. The fast runners were either far in front or trying to overtake me from behind. At 10KM point, saw some national runners on the returning direction. After the U-turn, I found myself a little slow if I want to break my personal record (PR). I tried to accelerate a bit but I dun dare to risk too much considering I’m still in lite injury with absence of training for almost half a year, and had just done only one 15+KM run recently. At the 15KM point, I feel refreshed again when realising it’s just another round of NTU to go. However, the acceleration didn’t last long before I reach 19KM point. The last two kilometers I released more power and sprinted for the last KM till the finishing line. 1h49mins, I reached before the sun starts to shine but failed to break my own PR. Taking the finisher’s medal, I wasn’t tired at all. This isn’t a good sign for performence, which means if I had managed my pace better I should cut another few minutes at least. But anyway I’m not a professional runner, I won’t break the world record even if I released all my power, not to say I’m still injured. I just enjoy the run for life. After a nice massage provided by sponsor, I went for some drink and back to collect my backpack. I met Yeo again. He finished with 2h25mins and joined me in the queue. Ironiclly, it took more than our race time for collecting our bags…. 11:00 am, after a quick swab and change, we finally rode on the bus back home.

Lunch and shower, I couldn’t wait to put myself horizontally again in my sweet home. A long nap, 2 to 6m and a simple dinner before I started to do some housework….8pm, I felt a bit tired and decided to start a classic movie for the evening. 00:30am recharge for the new week. The new week for journals is waiting for me.
When reaching lab monday morning, Mr. Yeo told me one army runner aged 25 died almost immediately after the run. This terriblely shocked me! Even though I already saw a few runners carried in stretchers yesterday. It was just too sad to hear a regular runner passed away so young. He must have pushed himself too much, when there is still a lot in life await for him. Let the peace and love be with Mr. Ho and his family. I’ll never let my mother know such news, but I do take care and responsibility of myself for those I love and love me, whom I’m to live for and care about.


3 thoughts on “Reach Before the Sun Shines

  1. People from local running communities are sending their condolences to the young man and discussing on.
    Quoted:"What is most important is live to enjoy the many runs that is before us."
    "listen to your body….a living and healthy body is priceless over wealth and net-worth in assets"
    "We are here to enjoy and bring enjoyment through sports activities."
    "This just goes to show that no matter how fit one is, the body can only take so much. Please train safe and pray for the family of CPT Ho."
    "Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is a cardiac risk which unfortunately is inherent and cannot be eliminated totally. It is frustrated that SCD occurs so fast and exhibit no early signs whatsoever..Statistically, it happens 1 in 200,000 race participants over the last 10 years in USA."

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