Decipher Code: 5-3461 and Music

A parcel of 25 CDs arrived this afternoon, from which I found my own orderings including J.S.Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos by ABO/ Koopman and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.6 "Pathetique" by VPO/Karajan. The first one are euphonious baroque pieces, pure music like from heaven or maybe Mars? While the second one is the most heartstricken piece you can find in classical music, no, I should say in all human being music libraries on earth. As an A type aquarius monster, I’m collecting both.

I would never recommend anyone to listen to the second piece when he or she is sad. I still remember clearly the first and last time I played this work in my undergraduate dorm.  From then on, all my classical collections were prohibited from playing thru a pair of loudspeakers in the dorm. My dormmates said this piece was like funeral music. I was actually quite happy that time coz they were at least partly right.

Before getting this disc I got another version of this work already. However I seldom put it in my CD player in recent years. I dare not to listen to it unless I’m really sad. This piece is like doom to the composer who died two weeks after the first performence of this piece. All that left were two versions of this work and countless concerts with people cheering and crying.

Not really too surprisingly I realize my top 3 symphonies covered all that life is about. However If without Beethoven’s No. 9 "Choral", there would be only "Tragic" left—— Berlioz’s "Symphony Fantastique" and Tchaikvosky’s No.6 "Pathetique". Thank God I have all these!


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