Officially claimed as a Marathoner

After my maiden Marathon with SCSM2006, I’m officially claimed as a Marathoner now.
Great Experience!
Great Weather!
Great Support!
Great Runners!
Thank all so much for making my maiden Marathon successful!~
I planned to finish 4h to 4h30. I did it with 4h24m20s(Chip time)
I got slight thigh and leg cramps around 30KM, I managed to strench a bit and with the help of 100plus drink, powergel and deep heat rub, I conquered it and kept running and accelerating till the finishing line! I didn’t feel tired at all during and after the run, but just couldn’t run any faster during 25KM-35KM. Legs were heavy and I was afraid of getting critical cramp.
My life is a little bit more complete now, though none will achieve a complete life.
My PRs(personal records) for running updated:
10K 41:22 (2nd Link Run 2005, Singapore)
Half Marathon 21.1K 1:44:57 (Xian City Wall Marathon 2005, China)
Full Marathon 42.195K 4:24:20 (Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2006)
A Marahoner with His Finisher Shirt

My Reason to Run this Marathon

You can get one if you train with me


6 thoughts on “Officially claimed as a Marathoner

  1. 这个沙发抢得也太快了吧,我还没编辑完。。。
    每个人对完整人生的定义都不同,也没谁的人生能够完整。All experiencing life

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