Give classical a chance?

Hi, friends,

Are you a music lover? Tired of listening to pop only? Why not give classical music a chance?
In the last Singpaore Symphony Orchestra(SSO) concert season, I subscribed to their student booking package. I’d like to say I’m quite satisified with their performence and do appreciate their student concession.

In the 05/06 concert season, I’ll also subscribe the student booking package. To enjoy this you must book at least five concerts(not five tickets). I’ll attend seven-ten SSO concerts in the next season.
If you’d like to give classical music a chance and dun want to go five more concerts, just let me know, I can book for you at half price.
The Cat.3-6 tickets price are from S$6.5 to 19. Some Gala concerts from S$12.25 to 39.50

There are around 40 concerts in the whole season, the detail can be found
There are also some free outdoor concerts, also a good chance to get closer to the classical music.
If you need recommendation on which concert to go, can also let me know.

I don’t mind enjoying the concerts alone, but I’m sure it will be more joyful to share the music with you!~
Pls contact me in this week, I’m to finish the booking soon: )

Best Regards

Vincent. Wang Liang


4 thoughts on “Give classical a chance?

  1. 看起来不错, 不过还有点不明白, 是明年的演出选择5场以上现在订票就half price吗?

  2. Classicas are classics…I’m just so sorry I cannot read your comments about that;o( Maybe if you teach me your language…I’m a quick "wiki-wiki" learner 2!Luv+Lux,Ana

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