A disk read error occurred

My five and half years quad core desktop started giving me a lot of disk errors in the last year.

It was like once a month in the beginning till unbearable once a week.

Some times the harddisk just disappear from the system.

I got A disk read error occurred error when I restarted it. Harddisk SMART Status may show  BAD.

I changed the SATA cable. Didn’t help. Suspect it was my harddisk.

Took the oppotunity to upgrade to a new SSD. Didn’t help either.

Did almost all solutions mentioned in this post, no success.


Until recently I realize it might be the SATA socket on the motherboard.

After a few swaps, I found two SATA sockets on my motherboard had gone bad.

Currently my SSD stays stable on SATA 3 on the board for more than a month. Hope it can keep strong until Intel produce something worth upgrading.







1. CPU长期被占用,唤醒

2. 3G/4G数据连接一直被占用。




1. 把微信所有提醒功能,没用的插件关闭,自己手动刷。毕竟需要即时联系我的人,不会用微信。

2. 安装 2 Battery 或者 JuiceDefender, 这两个app能阻止其他app后台一直连接数据。



Android 系统支持完全的多任务,后台app可以用wakelock来推迟CPU进入深度睡眠,来完成一些任务。如果app设计得当,完全没问题。但是一些垃圾app, 有事没事发wakelock。你想象一下,半夜每几分钟被人推醒一次的感受。

微信因为某些原因,采取了令人发指的后台自启动,唤醒CPU设计。即使把所有更新都关掉也一样。不管你有没有root,安装 BetterBatteryStatus 或者 Wakelock Detector,你就可以看到微信WeChat的唤醒次数。


于是我用Advanced Task Manager 每10分钟杀一次WeChat进程。实际上每次杀WeChat,它会自启动,所以必须反复杀。但间隔太短也不行,毕竟杀进程本身就要占用CPU。



Update: 貌似5.3改变了不小,有待继续观察 

My naked laptop part II

3年前经过一番研究,买了个山寨白牌上网本。由于是山寨的反而不受Intel对上网本屏幕尺寸限制,所以配置反而比品牌上网本高,Atom 1.6G CPU 2G Ram 12寸 1366 x 768 LCD。而且内外部做工也都不错。以当年的标准,够轻够用,之前出门旅行一直靠这个。甚至我PhD答辩都用的这台机器。现在主要放在客厅接电视当播放器。




For part I, please visit here https://vincent4wang.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/my-naked-notebook/

How to make your home WiFi better?

I was driven crazy by the poor internet and WiFi in my home. Called Singtel for on-site support twice. They even replaced one set of the integrated modem+router, rewired the whole cable in the flat. Since the last on-site support, the DSL connection is better but DNS and WiFi still poor. Finally I manged to sort all these out myself and share with you here.

So what are the problems?

1. Internet down too often, not just WiFi, LAN or Mio TVdown either? Switch ON/OFF, no use? Consider contact Singtel first, let them update the firmware or replace the 2wire router for you. I had mine replaced and Mio TV since working fine.

Before you read further, I assume you know how to access the router setup page. Try open in your browser

Note: this IP is dependent on your router manufacturer.

2. You can log on QQ, Skype, PPstream, but can’t browse the net? Singtel DNS fails. You can try set your modem using Google DNS, free and more stable! Don’t know how? Google is free.

3. WiFi too slow and unstable, drop like crazy?

Get inssider from http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/

Scan your neighbours’ WiFi channel frequencies, set your WiFi channel frequency away from the crowded area, usually channels 1 and 11 should be avoided.

If you using Android device, get WiFi analyzer from Play market


4. Place your WiFi router above the ground level, central to your devices not blocked by concrete walls.


5. Use WPA2 AES to encrypt your WiFi, it is more secure. It may improve your WiFi SNR as well. But this might be dependent on various situations, some ppl find WEP higher SNR. But if you’re on a 802.11n network, you should only use WPA2, otherwise the speed would be capped at g level.

6. Set static IP on your device.

7. What? After all these your apple ipad, android pad or phone still refused to be connected? Replace it! I mean your WiFi router. (I have tried all the tips/changes online in my router and Nexus 7. They just don’t mate..) What I did was disable the Singtel 2wire WiFi, just keep the DSL and connect it to my Cisco Linksys WiFi router. Voila! my Nexus 7 finally connected to the world again and has not be dropping so far. WiFi SNR for all my devices up by >10dB!

The tips here are not specific for Singtel. Most works for any ISP, WiFi routers.

8. Adding new gear:
If you flat or house is bigger than the coverage one wireless router can offer, you will need to set up a second access point in your remote room.
In my own apartment I’m using powerline adaptor + access point. Forget about WiFi repeater, extender, they are just too slow.

Hope this helps!

My mobile phone timeline

Just realized I’ve been using mobile phone for 10+ years. Here is my mobile phone time line. (The first and last photos are by me, the rest are taken from official release photos or as credited in the watermark)


Before I bought my first mobile phone, I was using an Alcatel OT301 from my mother, while she actually switched to a PHS phone..The first mobile phone I bought was

Siemens 3618 (ME45),  2003

userid10237time20060604134529(2)It was with the top specs for a black&white phone, big & high res screen at that time, also water, dust, and shock resistant. It even had English to Chinese dictionary 文曲星 embedded. This is phone is still with me after ten years. It is my GSM backup phone. Standby 10 days.

Siemens SX1, 2004

SX1This phone had the most unique design I ever used. It was the most powerful smartphone phone at that time. Huge, high res color screen, and useful. It also ran the N-Gage games. I actually played Tomb Raider original on this phone! More important to me, it was the only smartphone that supported stereo mp3 playback (compared to Nokia 6600). I sold my mp3 player right after I got this beast. Before I got the Canon A610, it served as my main camera. The keypad design however wasn’t one hand operation friendly. While the biggest problem I had with this phone was the proprietary adaptor with remote for the headphone, which failed easily with my daily usage. (I always carry my phone when running). After failing three or four of such adaptors in two years, I finally decided to move on.

Nokia 5500 Sport,  2006

The Siemens SX1 in many way was a better phone than the Nokia 5500 Sport. But I still “upgraded” to the 5500 due to its sports functionality, I use the pedometer to track my runs. also water, dust, and shock resistant.

Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic, Mar 2009

Nokia 5800, featured in the movie “Dark Knight”, code name “tube”, was Nokia’s answer to iphone. Singapore had a late release, at that time iphone 3G was already on the market. I actually traveled to KL, Malaysia to purchase this pal, attended a concert by Deutsche Symphony Orchestra Berlin in the same trip. Given a chance again, I would still pick up a Nokia 5800. For my usage, it is a better phone than iphone (up to iphone 3GS).

Nokia N8, Mar 2011

Top-Free-Apps-for-the-Nokia-N8-1At this time, I was considering Nokia N8 togather with iphone 4 and HTC desire HD. Iphone has become a real great phone. In fact iphone 4 was the first ever apple product I seriously considered buying. In the end, I still got N8 due to the offline map, sports tracking feature, stereo recording ability, FM radio, and the best camera in market. However, the slow CPU, small ram, low res screen and aging OS has finally put down Nokia N8. (I bought my first tablet Lenovo A1 to pair it. The N8 functioned most of time as wifi hotspot to my tablet.)

In the meantime, iphone 4  has evolved as a true performer. Android had also matured with Gingerbread. Given a choice again, I could go with either iphone 4 or HTC desire HD.

Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic,  June 2012

5800bAfter the Nokia N8 headphone adaptor failed just like the Siemens SX1, I looked around the market, there was no phone I was actually interested at all. I instead decided to pick up a used Nokia 5800 and wait until my next upgrade target emerges.
This Nokia 5800 is still with me now, serves as my UMTS 3G backup phone.

HTC One XL, Dec 2012

OneXL201After half year of waiting and seeing what’s coming in the first half of 2013, I finally decided to purchased TWO HTC One XLs (not the One X) before it disappearing from the market. One black for me, one white for my wife. (She was using a Samsung Omnia II). After two months of usage, I still consider it the best in the market (compared to Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE I9305, Nokia Lumia 920, Apple Iphone 5). I hope it will last me at least to 2014 when more interesting phones come up. Cross my fingers for the headphone adaptor. It is also my main video shooting equipment before I upgrade my Canon 40D. The camera on One XL is great, I retired my backup Canon A610 to my parents as their backup.

What’s your mobile phone time line? Share with me!

apple,iphone 及其它


首先声明,我既不是apple fan也不是偏执的anti-apple,这里仅从一个消费者理性的角度探讨一下。(所使用过的apple产品: apple TV   落灰中,ipod video (记不清几代了) 落灰中)


本来打算买台iphone 3G的,原计划作Xmas gift。。但随着了解到iphone无法播放flash(这倒是小事,我用的也少。据传是Jobs (apple CEO)个人喜好问题,不确认),无法拍video,更发指的是无法发MMS, 无法转发短信,无法复制粘贴内容!如果需要实现以上手机本应有的基本功能,那么就需要经过hack或者各种其他第三方软件还不一定都能解决,这与apple一向忽悠的易用性相左。我相信给我台iphone,这些功能我折腾折腾也应该能部分解决。不过何苦在其他手机性价比更高的情况下扔钱给Jobs呢? 因此apple的漂亮是依据主观在于个人的,易用则是相对的,而且对不少人来说代价太大,这里代价不单指价格,还有功能和折腾的时间。唯一客观的就是低性价比。

假设万一某一天Jobs说打电话是个多于的功能,用WiFi + Skype就行,这才是未来的方向,那么。。。假设。。仅仅是个假设。。其实也不完全是个假设,apple的Macbook Air笔记本不就没有网线接口么。人家说Wifi代表了未来的方向,什么USB, LAN能没有就没有了。咱们apple要的是薄,外形要能电死人。笔记本温度高点无所谓,烫不死人就行了)





我个人更喜欢IBM PC系统, Philips CD这些胸怀广阔,开放的厂商。

IBM开放了PC系统,最终不造PC了,Philips作为CD发明厂家也不生产CD机了。但生产PC,CD的还大有厂在。(这TMD是一种什么样的精神,这就是传说中的国际主义精神。。。才怪,这两家其实是发现PC和CD没apple忽尤来钱快,放弃PC CD生产了)。通过充分竞争,价格也更合理。这就是开放系统带给广大消费者的好处。

反观apple,消费者买了产品就只能以后等着他们更新软件/硬件。期望着软件/硬件改进能实现本应有的基本功能, 就如同虔诚的信徒期待着上帝Jobs给与恩赐(例如复制粘贴和开放FM,这两个功能从iphone发布到现在快两年了吧。我是不能相信apple有诚意解决消费者问题的了,一般手机更换周期才两年)。换了开放的厂商,你apple不做,立刻就会有其他厂商跟进,更不用说强大的山寨主们。

apple过于强调品牌/风格,这是时尚/奢侈品的本质。一块名表带几辈子,一件大衣穿xx年,apple哪个产品可以?(这里只针对绝大多数理性和不理性的消费者,不包括收藏家) 消费电子产品,功能才是最重要的!风格应该建立在基本功能完全实现的基础上。


My naked notebook


参考Hardware Maintenance Manual比较顺利的将本子大卸八块。整个拆开后,不免要叹服一下Thinkpad的设计功力。俺这个古董本内部居然几乎可以用一尘不染来形容。将PCMIA槽拆下,取出了小块塑料,将针脚修直。然后开始组装。眼看那盘螺丝一一个减少,当最后一颗嵌入本子后,终于可以喘口气,一个也不多一个也不少。。装上电池,顺利开机,总算可以放心了。

这两天学校X61的promotion出来了,价格貌似还挺厚道。不过俺这台古董1.1G/640MB/80G硬盘如今老当益壮,而我的钱包则相反,进一步坚定了等Thinkpad X70的决心。嗯,等咱有了钱一次就买两台,一台拿来用,一台MISB收藏: P

X24 002


1. Intel 推出Santa Rosa平台推出,小改Core 2 Duo + 965 + GMA3000 + 802.11n
对现在的笔记本还是很满意,最近把内存加到640M。IBM X24 1.1G/640M/80G/12.1’/Wifi/1.6KG,一年内应该还是不会换。坚持笔记本要有稳定/移动/坚固/舒适,台式要性能。

2. ATI 发布DX10 Radeon HD 2900XT

yy一下台式机,但愿1年后能搞到AMD/Intel 3G Duo Core/ 2-4G Ram/ ATI/Nvidia下代旗舰或当前旗舰加强版显卡/ 24′ LCD显示器

3. SC2 – StarCraft II 官方解密
制造一个传奇是十分困难的事情,要想续写一个传奇就更困难了。不过暴雪还是鼓起勇气去做了。1998年SC面世是这个传奇的开始,近10年后的今天StarCraft II终于确认接近发布。虽然我几乎不玩SC,但也能体会到其平衡中充满了变数的奇妙。SC2 基本上看来是个3D版的SC1 框架主体没变,一方面继承了SC传统并有相应提高,另一方面开发起来也比较稳妥,不必一不小心糟蹋了经典。

4. Active Noise Control System Using National Instruments