Project adidas — Reason to run bib

周日就要参加渣打新加坡国际马拉松了Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM2006)
adidas发起了个Reason to Run bib — Wear it and encourage the one behind you.



顺便贴几个其他Runner的Reason to run
I run so I can eat sinful foods – shortlegs (haha)
Run 4 Life…Run 4 Love…Run 4 Laksa – Bug (hoho)
Me against myself – Zhiwei (hehe)
I have to Quickly finish my Race bcos My family is waiting for me for Dinner! – SC5 (Dinner or Lunch?)
There is a keg of icy cold tiger beer waiting for me at the finishing line. – m499ie (hehe, I dun drink beer, I take red wine)
Running is Free!! It’s Benefits is Priceless!!! – DO (agree)
Running help me to forget all my problems & troubles! – Ronnie (true)
Because the entire world becomes my playground – zenpoet (cool!)

4 thoughts on “Project adidas — Reason to run bib

  1.   魍魉,你是我们的骄傲!尽兴就好!半程马拉松和全程还是有很大不同的,毅力向你看齐!

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